Au-Gust Before we start let’s just clarify – Are you a Vegetarian? If the answer is yes and you have no immediate plans to change this don’t bother continuing to read. This place is not for you and it will make any Vegetarian cry in despair. Carnivores however might have found their new regular, Read More

Zurich and its surrounding certainly isn’t short of Michelin starred restaurants. Some have inspired me, others failed to enthuse my taste buds as much as their culinary ratings might lead to expect. The Michelin ranking has an irrefutably enormous influence in the gastronomic world . It is somewhat peculiar in light of its humble beginnings. The tyre, Read More

A Michelin starred restaurant located in a single family home  in a small village called Schlattingen? Intrigued by this unusual concept we ventured to the canton of Thurgau. From the outside 13 senses doesn’t look like much and there are no signs directing the way. It is obvious that this is a place that wants, Read More

Zurich’s vivid gastro scene has recently seen a few new hip and trendy restaurants open up. Its latest addition is George Bar and Grill which opened in May 2014. The restaurant is situated on the on the 5th floor of the casino building and offers a beautiful view overlooking the roofs of Zurich Ambiance, Read More