Rituals has opened its store first store in the center of Zurich and the only question we’d like to ask is: What took them so long? The dress code for the event was “Bohemian Summer” representing the opening party’s motto. A self confessed beauty fanatic I am a huge fan of the Dutch brand and its, Read More

Ok,  ladies let’s get one thing straight –  who ever said that juggling a busy career, family, spouse, social commitments and pets was easy is not telling the truth or at least bending it big time…As we reach a certain age things just get insanely busy as we try to accommodate careers, hobbies,  families and, Read More

La bonne vivante was delighted to attend the opening of Kiton’s first boutique in Zurich.. Nino de Costanzo, the renowned Italian chef which has been awarded 2 Michelin stars, catered for Kiton’s guests with sinful Italian delicacies. Founded in 1956 by Ciro Paone, Ktion specializes in tailored high quality suits and shirts. The name Chitone, Read More

  La bonne vivante recently attended Valmont’s product launch of their new product series “Expert of Light”. Aimed to combat pigment spots and blemishes, the Swiss brand created a new product line which includes a foamer, toner a serum, a cream with 50 SPF and a mask. Co-owner Sophie Vann-Guillon and her team presented Valmont’s new product accomponied by champagne, Read More

As anticipated I attended this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Days in Zurich. It goes without saying that the Zurich Fashion days don’t bear comparison with the fashion weeks in Paris or Milan. Nevertheless it is a fun event and serves as a great platform for local designers who have an opportunity to present their fashion. The, Read More

Good things come to those who wait they say … and geez, Zurich’s Fashionista’s have shown angelic patience but the waiting has been worthwile. Zurich’s first COS store has opened. Yipee! The H&M owned brand offers beautifully tailored, subtle fashion at affordable prices without any frills. The shop’s highly anticipated opening was celebrated with a splendid opening, Read More

Anticipation is the greatest joy, they say. Well, that’s certainly not true when it comes to my every years hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the advent season, Christmas markets, the hustle and bustle and not to mention a glass of hot mulled wine however gift shopping, Read More