Located in bubbly Kreis 4 this restaurant is tucked away in a corner of a street. As one of very few restaurants in Zurich it offers valet parking Ambiance Low ceilings, bad light and old fashioned tackiness…this restaurant represents every interior designer’s nightmare. Nevertheless, the lack of stylishness might actually be what makes this, Read More

Kitzbühel Travel Review Kitzbühel, Austria’s  swankiest ski resort is particularly famous for its annual Hahnenkamm Race but the cute medieval town is a great place to go to throughout the whole year. It  is home to roughly 8000 habitants and hosts chic boutiques, bars and restaurants. Kitzbühel offers a great variety of things to, Read More

Romeo and Juliet at Maag Halle Maag Halle presented the ballet for the second time. The modern and colorful interpretation of this tragic lovestory was extremely well performed. It included classical  as well as contemporary music from artists such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, David Guetta and Jay Z.  and the mix made it, Read More

From Matisse to the Blue Rider – Expressionism in Germany and France The colorful exhibition includes paintings by van Gogh, Matisse, Gauguin and Paul Klee amongst many others.What better way to escape a grey winter day! Venture through a journey of the different art movements related to expressionism. The exhibition includes paintings related to, Read More

Clouds – Indulgences high up Roughly 14 months have passed since its much anticipated opening and while the initial frenzy around Clouds might have faded, tables are still sought after and it is advisable to reserve well in advance ( at least 2 weeks if you want to score a table for dinner on, Read More

  Tschaikovsky’s Swanlake premièred in 1877. It tells the story of Prince Siegfried and Odette, who was turned into a Swan by the evil Van Rothborth. Siegfried falls in love with her. At a ball, Siegfried then meets Odette’s evil alter ego Odile, the black Swan. He confuses her with Odette and, captivated by, Read More

Italian Cuisine, nothing less and certainly nothing more. Brasserie Seefeld is one of the Italian restaurants which we wanted to try out for a while but never got around to it. The name as such is intriguing – A brasserie which serves Italian food. Roughly a year ago the restaurant had given away our, Read More