Zurich is a true playground for anybody who enjoys great food due to its variety of fantastic eateries. It is difficult to have a bad meal in Zurich. I constantly try out new places however there are only a few which I remain loyal to and which I frequent on a regular basis. To me, Read More

Au-Gust Before we start let’s just clarify – Are you a Vegetarian? If the answer is yes and you have no immediate plans to change this don’t bother continuing to read. This place is not for you and it will make any Vegetarian cry in despair. Carnivores however might have found their new regular, Read More

If there is one thing that I enjoy just as much as dining, wining and travelling it is reading a good book. The cold winter season is ideal for cuddling up on the sofa with a hot cuppa tea and indulging in some good literature. 2015 saw some great books get published and  I have thoroughly enjoyed them., Read More