A Michelin starred restaurant located in a single family home  in a small village called Schlattingen? Intrigued by this unusual concept we ventured to the canton of Thurgau. From the outside 13 senses doesn’t look like much and there are no signs directing the way. It is obvious that this is a place that wants, Read More

Madrid, Spain’s bubbly capital city offers a lot; fantastic food, an exciting nightlife, great shopping, friendly people and good museums. Yet, compared to Barcelona Madrid tends to end up in the second rank. Whether or not that’s fair is a question of taste. It is true though that Madrid and Barcelona are as different, Read More

  While there are endless restaurants offering hearty Engadin Specialities in a rustic ambiance those looking for someting a bit more innovative in Scuol are not exactly spoilt for choice. We tried out all there is and decided to frequent one of two restaurants at Paradies Hotel, a petite hide away in Ftan. Charn is specialized, Read More