I recently published my first Children’s book, “The Christmas Wreath”. The book consists of four tales – each representing an Advent – and is dedicated to our adorable baby daughter who inspired me to write this book.”The Christmas Wreath” is a book about the spirit of Christmas and the resonating message of the importance of kindness and generosity. The, Read More

The vibrant city of London is always worth a visit. La bonne vivante aims to travel to London once a year for a fresh breath of the cosmopolitan air of this dynamic, ever-changing metropolis. This time around and given my advanced pregnancy the trip’s essential focus was to Shop Eat & Repeat. And so, Read More

The colorful city of Lisbon is always worth a trip however it is best to be enjoyed in the warmer season when its countless terraces, restaurants and roof top bars invite visitors and locals to enjoy its balmy summer nights. There is no denying that Lisbon is trending as an increasing number of visitors discover, Read More

Endless hours of sunshine paired with sizzling heat. Sevilla in August is nothing for the faint hearted. This is when Sevillans desert their city, head to the beach and leave Seville to sun worshipping tourists. A sun seeker by profession, La bonne Vivante took the opportunity to escape the cold front which had spread, Read More

There might be people considering “dolce far niente” overrated. After a stressful 15 months completing an MBA whilst working full time, La Bonne Vivante decided to actively indulge in complete passiveness.  Sounds like a contradiction? Not at all, it is an art to elegantly display yourself on a sunbed  at a fashionable beach club,, Read More

After a few days in Kyoto it was time to head to Japan bustling capital. Tokyo blends ancient traditions and edgy  modernism like no other place and although a 2.5  hour train ride  from Kyoto, it evokes a completely different vibe. Dotted with countless Michelin starred restaurants and roof top bars offering jaw dropping, Read More

Japan offers a vast array of experiences. Sublime elegance and understatement are created by a country which seems to be on a  joint mission to pursue perfection in even the tiniest of details. It is unique mix of traditions and exhilarating modernism which never fails to fascinate me. In Japan both past and future , Read More

Imagine a beautiful alpine scenery bathed in sunlight, crisp mountain air and a full day of skiing ahead of you. Now imagine having all of this exclusively to yourself for an entire day. What a delightful idea! For the past 6 years, the Grand Tschuggen Hotel Arosa has been offering this experience to their, Read More

Also referred to as the Switzerland of Asia Singapore is always worth a visit. While Singapore is a transfer stop over for some of the most splendid beach vacations such as Bali and Khrab,i it is an attraction in its very own right. With countless award winning restaurants, an Asian melting pot and the, Read More

As a European surrounded by endless opportunities for a weekend get away, La bonne vivante found it incomprehensible that New York’s rich and famous who have the means to spend their vacation anywhere in the world would instead choose to flock in the Hamptons every summer. After all, there isn’t much more than large, Read More