Agra and Jaipur Travel Review Taj Mahal Now, being in Delhi and not visiting the Taj Mahal in Agra can rightfully be considered a crime. Agra is located approximately a 3 hour car drive from Delhi and doesn’t offer much except the Taj Mahal, one of the world’s most fantastic monuments. It took more, Read More

Delhi Travel Review Busy, hectic, dirty, vibrant and chaotic – a google search with these key words might well result in … Delhi! Mostly avoided by tourists and mainly used as a starting point for  tours  to Agra and Rajasthan, India’s capital has far more to offer than its reputation might suggest – that is, Read More

Travel Review Seoul Seoul, South Korea’s bubbly, vibrant capital is home to nearly 11 million Koreans. While Seoul might not instantly wow you the way Hong Kong or Bangkok do, it is difficult to escape its vitality and trendy vibe. Hastily rebuilt after the Korean war, most of Seoul can best be described as functional rather, Read More

Unable to score a last minute reservation at Mr and Mrs. Bund , Coconut paradise was the second choice in  Shanghai. The restaurant is split across different dining rooms and at the entrance there is a beautiful water garden. The interior is rustic and kept authentically Thai with dark wooden floors and red tablecloth., Read More

Travel Review – Bordeaux With roughly 250’000 inhabitants, Bordeaux is the ninth largest city in France. Formerly known as the Belle Endormie, Bordeaux has recently been reawakened from its winter sleep. The cute medieval city centre has been beautifully refurbished. New restaurants, hotels and wine tasting bars have opened and are waiting to be, Read More