For a small country Switzerland certainly isn’t short of great music festivals. Whether it’s Locarno’s Moon and Stars, the Frauenfeld Festival, Zurich’s Life at Sunset or the Paleo Festival in Nyon. Yet, the Montreux Jazz Festival is unique in many ways. For starters it is one of the longest festivals, it attracts top notch, Read More

If Italy were a movie and its main cities were its cast the roles couldn’t be more diversified. Milan is the city of business. Venice is the city of love; Rome is the epitome of an open-air museum and Verona, the city of Romeo and Julia combines all of Italy’s charm. And Florence? Indisputably,, Read More

La bonne vivante had the pleasure of attending a  Paleo Pop Up Dinner hosted by Verena Mumford. Now, as a complete and utter Paleo Novice I hardly had more than a remote idea  of what Paleo comprises of except for an admittedly vague image of hairy cavemen. Paleo (short for Paleolithic) diet has been trending, Read More