5 best Michelin starred restaurants in Switzerland 2015

Zurich and its surrounding certainly isn’t short of Michelin starred restaurants. Some have inspired me, others failed to enthuse my taste buds as much as their culinary ratings might lead to expect.

The Michelin ranking has an irrefutably enormous influence in the gastronomic world . It is somewhat peculiar in light of its humble beginnings. The tyre maker initially created atlases for its customers which included restaurant rankings. One star meant the restaurant was worthy of a stop, a second star recommended returning and a third star suggested making a special journey for a meal at the restaurant.

I’d like to compare the Michelin star with the Oscar of Cooking. Think of it this way, how many movies have you seen just because they have been awarded an Oscar? Certainly a few in my case. The Michelin rating works similarly, it attracts guests and raises expectations. This is part of the reason why renowned chefs start to shiver in anticipation of the yearly Michelin star rankings. The other is the status and fame which comes with the star rating. Chefs whose restaurants are awarded, gain culinary fame. The Leonardo di Caprio’s of the culinary world are ignored. And then there are chefs who actually return their Michelin stars because they cannot cope with the pressure or come to the conclusion that it limits their culinary autonomy.

Sadly, there are also tragic stories surrounding the pressure the Michelin star rating. Bernard Loiseau, one of France’s most renowned chefs allegedly was so devastated by the mere rumor that he might lose his third Michelin star that he committed suicide.  Gordon Ramsay,  admitted weeping after learning that his New York Restaurant “The London” had lost both his stars. Given the magnitude of its importance I have created my own favourite list of Michelin starred restaurants in and around Zurich for 2015:

  1. The Restaurant (2 Michelin Stars) The pinnacle of Zurich’s gastro scene “The Restaurant” combines high end ingredients, impeccable service and timeless elegance. Read more:  http://www.labonnevivante.ch/2015/12/the-restaurant-at-the-dolder/
  2. Spice (1 Michelin Star) – Consistent and innovative Spice can also boast with a great view and lovely service. Read more: http://www.labonnevivante.ch/2014/01/209/
  3. Dreizehn Sinne im Huuswurz (1 Michelin Star) – Culinary innovation where you would least expect it. Read more: http://www.labonnevivante.ch/2015/04/13-sinne-restaurant-review/ 
  4. Maison Manesse (1 Michelin Star) – The Enfant terrible of Zurich’s Michelin list, Maison Manesse is unusual in many aspects. The restaurant is located in a relatively unattractive part of Zurich and might lack in the ambiance department but each plate is a cubic piece of art. Read more: http://www.labonnevivante.ch/2014/01/maison-manesse-restaurant-review/
  5. Rico’s (2 Michelin Stars) – With its lovely interior Rico’s Kunststube provides a feel good ambiance but struggles to keep up in terms of innovation and ingredients.


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