There are these restaurants that you hear about but that you never get around to trying out. Stef’s Freieck was one of these “oh I should go there sometime” and we have finally made it. Ambiance: Located in elegant Seefeld it is unassuming from the outside. Inside the small dining room the interior is, Read More

Lisa St. Aubin de Teran once said “Travelling is like flirting with Life. It’s like saying: I would stay and love you but I have to go”  La Bonne Vivante found this to be particularly true at our recent trip to the Amalfil coast and has fallen head over heels with the beauty of, Read More

The US has New York, Asia has Tokyo and Shanghai and the Europeans? Well, we have London, the epitome of urban energy. With a striving art scene, endless shopping opportunities and a fast paced culinary landscape, London is at the very pulse of time. Once every so often La Bonne Vivante returns to refuel, Read More

There is a saying that a journey of thousand miles begins with a cash advance – well the same applies if you are taking a trip to St. Tropez! Who ever said that less is more hasn’t been to St. Tropez. Yes we love understatement and unpretentiousness 363 days a year  however there comes, Read More