Based in Zurich’s most beautiful Hotel “The Restaurant” at Dolder is distinct in many ways. It is by far Zurich’s most luxurious restaurant. it is also the only one in Zurich to boast two Michelin stars. Lastly,  “The Restaurant” has been on my culinary to do list longer than any other restaurant. Good things, Read More

Gstaad, Sankt Moritz and Verbier are frequently mentioned in one breath as Switzerland’s swankiest ski resorts. Although there are similarities, Verbier is has its very unique charm. To begin with, it is much larger than Gstaad and it is famous for its beautiful wooden chalets which give Verbier its signature look of a sleepy, Read More

Zurich and its surrounding certainly isn’t short of Michelin starred restaurants. Some have inspired me, others failed to enthuse my taste buds as much as their culinary ratings might lead to expect. The Michelin ranking has an irrefutably enormous influence in the gastronomic world . It is somewhat peculiar in light of its humble beginnings. The tyre, Read More

  The restaurant belongs to the same owners who recently opened Alice Choo with a similar concept. Hato, which officially opened on 13th of November is Zurich’s latest culinary fad and has already made a name for itself. Of course, la bonne vivante ventured to the center of town to report on this new, Read More