Paleo Pop Up Dinner

La bonne vivante had the pleasure of attending a  Paleo Pop Up Dinner hosted by Verena Mumford. Now, as a complete and utter Paleo Novice I hardly had more than a remote idea  of what Paleo comprises of except for an admittedly vague image of hairy cavemen.

Paleo (short for Paleolithic) diet has been trending for a while and there has been loads written about its benefits. It is supposed to help eliminate bloating, blemishes, allergies and even migraines. And as if that weren’t enough it can help shed a few pounds or maintain your weight. Sounds pretty amazing.

So what do we need to do? Simple, Skip grains, fast food, dairy, legumes, processed food and sugar in favor of vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds and fats…puh, is it just more or does this sound like a lot of sacrafice. Verena Mumford’s pop up dinner was anything but…

Dinner started out with a delicious amuse bouche of pan- fried prosciutto crisps (a first timer for La Bonne Vivante). Next, we were served a refreshing gazpacho with avocado. The main course offered a veggie and a carnivore option. We tried both the burger with veggies and the artichoke frittata which were delicious. Sweet indulgences waited for us at the end of this great meal and we were surprised by the variety of Paleo-compliant desserts available. We tasted a mouthwatering lemon custard, a chocolate cake made of almond  flour which was yummie but not too sweet and fresh fruit.

Water flavoured with healthy fruit such as watermelon and lemon was available throughout dinner and guests brought their own bottle of wine which added to the personal touch of the evening.  We felt a bit like visiting friends who happen to be great Paleo chefs.

Vanessa and her  team created a friendly, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. We left, full and happy but not gorged and bloated. A fantastic dining experience and a great introduction to the Paleo diet.

Their next pop up dinner will take place on 4th of September. More information on:

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