I recently published my first Children’s book, “The Christmas Wreath”. The book consists of four tales – each representing an Advent – and is dedicated to our adorable baby daughter who inspired me to write this book.”The Christmas Wreath” is a book about the spirit of Christmas and the resonating message of the importance of kindness and generosity. The, Read More

Japan offers a vast array of experiences. Sublime elegance and understatement are created by a country which seems to be on a  joint mission to pursue perfection in even the tiniest of details. It is unique mix of traditions and exhilarating modernism which never fails to fascinate me. In Japan both past and future , Read More

Rituals has opened its store first store in the center of Zurich and the only question we’d like to ask is: What took them so long? The dress code for the event was “Bohemian Summer” representing the opening party’s motto. A self confessed beauty fanatic I am a huge fan of the Dutch brand and its, Read More

Art Basel, Europe’s largest and most influential art fair opened its gates again. La Bonne Vivante joined Ruinart at the collectors lounge for a sneak prereview of Art Basel’s 47th edition. Established in 1729, Ruinart is the world’s oldest champage house. Its wine cellars underneath the city of Reims have been listed a Unesco, Read More

Oman, the country of deserts, spices and frankincense exerts a special fascination. Unlike its flashy sisters Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, Muscat has maintained a more earthy and pristine charm, partly also because the country does not allow for buildings to be higher than a palm tree. Oman’s modernization only started in 1970 when, Read More

If there is one thing that I enjoy just as much as dining, wining and travelling it is reading a good book. The cold winter season is ideal for cuddling up on the sofa with a hot cuppa tea and indulging in some good literature. 2015 saw some great books get published and  I have thoroughly enjoyed them., Read More

Gstaad, Sankt Moritz and Verbier are frequently mentioned in one breath as Switzerland’s swankiest ski resorts. Although there are similarities, Verbier is has its very unique charm. To begin with, it is much larger than Gstaad and it is famous for its beautiful wooden chalets which give Verbier its signature look of a sleepy, Read More

When I was a teenager, I read “Memories of a Geisha” and decided that I’d travel to Kyoto to visit this fascinating city where the story takes place. I finally got around to it combining a business trip with a short stint in Kyoto, Japan’s culture gem known for its temples and traditional gardens., Read More

Having just returned from a splendid dive vacation in Curacao La Bonne Vivante can’t wait to bring you the very latest of this gorgeous island. Sparkling turquoise beaches, idyllic coves and a cultural melting pot represent this windy island. Curacao’s turbulent past which included Spaniards establishing themselves on the island in 16th Century and, Read More