48 hours in Verona, Venice and Milan

What better way to spend a girls weekend than with a road trip to Italy! My mom and I had a fabulous time in Verona, Venice and Milan. Read about it here:

 Home to Romeo’s and Julia’s famous balcony and the Arena, adorable Verona is a definite must visit in its own right. While Verona might not wow you the way Venice or Rome do, it can easy acclaim the title “Cutest City of Italy”. Everything is easily accessible by foot and the squares and little medieval alleys provide a picture perfect scenery which seems almost too perfect to be real. The list of sights is vast and to see it all you’ll probably have to put in two full days. In addition, Verona is full of great eateries.

Fontanina: This tiny restaurant is located just outside Verona’s center. The  Michelin starred restaurant is divided into 3 sections. The interior is very particular with pictures, nipnap and kitsch absolutely everywhere but it all just adds to the warm and very cosy atmosphere.

The menu is concise. We opted for the poached egg with truffle and onion soup. The texture was good however unfortunately the different tastes of truffle and onion seemed to compete and the relatively subtle summer truffle simply lost out. The fish was ok and the truffle pasta was good with a calorie friendly serving size. The crème brulee rounded off our dinner very nicely. Our food was accompanied by a rich Amarone from the region. While the ambiance is very particular, the food unfortunately fails to enthuse as much.

Our next stop was Venice (a 2 hour car drive)  where we spent a sunny day walking around the romantic alleys, shopping souvenirs and simply enjoying a day a la Veneziana.

In the evening we returned to Milan and had dinner at Giacomo – the bistrot that be. The neighbourhood was packed and we had some difficulty finding a parking space and ended up valet parking or to put it plain: We left our car complete with car key with guy named Francesco (a complete stranger to us) and were beyond relieved when we found Francesco and our car (still with tires) after dinner.  What is there to say about Giacomo? Unfortunately only one thing – It is overrated. We wil not return but nevertheless spent a fun last evening in this overpriced and slightly uncomfortable establishment.

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