Stef’s Freieck – Restaurant Review

There are these restaurants that you hear about but that you never get around to trying out. Stef’s Freieck was one of these “oh I should go there sometime” and we have finally made it.


Located in elegant Seefeld it is unassuming from the outside. Inside the small dining room the interior is elegant & minimalistic with subtle piano music.. The tablecloth is white, there is little decoration and it becomes imminently clear that the owners are no fans of dust collectors. After a long” parking place treasure hunt” typical for the neighborhood we are welcomed by the friendly service.

The menu:

The menu emulates the restaurant’s interior in its size and simplicity. For starters the menu offers a salad or a soup and there are two main courses to choose from. Not ideal to satisfy any particular cravings however the lack of variety anticipates a fresh and seasonally adjusted cuisine. After a record fast selection of dishes (the tiny menu does have its advantages) we order. The salad comes at a very generous portion. The meat is tender and served with potatoes and spinach. The fish is solid and served with the same side dishes. Overall our dinner is enjoyable however given the small selection we would have hoped for some more innovation particularly given the relatively high pricing. The service is friendly and attentive however also pleasantly discreet.Overall, we enjoyed a calm and relaxing dinner

Tip: The restaurant offers a parking space in front of its entrance

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