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We had heard about this restaurant a while ago and wanted to try it out for years however simply didn’t get around to it. Why is that? Well, frankly, its location 20 km outside of Zurich is a bit of a deal breaker for a spontaneous Friday night sushi & sake dinner. Like many good places, the Ryokan requires a certain level of determination to get there and as a result it doesn’t cater to the Maki hungry crowd but to those who are looking forward to high end Japanese indulgences. Its owner, Masafumi Kurahayashi opened the restaurant in 2003. The Ryokan (Japanese for Motel) hosts two restaurants – the Michelin starred Usagiyama Japanese style seating and séparées and the Hasenberg Restaurant on the ground floor complete with a sushi bar.

The ambiance:

The lofty atmosphere and modern interior at the Hasenberg is crowned with a stunning view and on a sunny day we can see as far as to the Uetliberg. The dining room is spacious with large tables. The restaurant also features a beautiful terrace; we can’t wait to spend a warm summer night here. We are warned that our food might take a little longer however surprisingly the service is very quick. The attentive and charming Japanese waitresses are wearing classic Kimonos and add to the very authentic ambiance of this restaurant.

The food:

Hasenberg offers two menus, a degustation menu and a Kaiseki menu. Kaiseki is traditional Japanese cuisine which dates back to the 16th century and can only be prepared by chefs specifically trained. The degustation menu includes 2 Kaiseki amuse bouches; a traditional Dashi Soup with homemade corn tofu and Ebi artfully wrapped in a banana leaf. As a main course there is the option between beef, sushi and tuna. We opt for the sushi which is fresh and delicious and a hot pot with beef. A classic matcha ice cream with fresh fruit rounds off our lovely dinner. The menu is diverse and the quality of ingredients used is excellent.To accompany the food what would work better sake and Sapporo beer. Both pairs very will with the food.







Conclusion: High level Japanese cuisine paired with delicious and authentic Japanese service and a great view – the recipe for a fantastic evening.


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