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Travel Review Kerala, India

Palm Trees, Aryuvedic Massages and Seafood – Sounds good? Then your next destination should most definitely be Kerala. This southern state at India’s Malabar coast charms its visitors with a beautiful lush landscape full of Palm trees and sandy beaches. It is no surprise that Kerala’s name derives from Palm tree.

India’s south offers its visitors a gentler, more relaxed and less daunting side of India. The local language spoken is Malayalam. Kerala is one of the wealthier states in India and also has one of India’s highest literacy rates.

Kerala’s capital with the unpronounceable name Thiruvananthapuram is a dynamic, large city. You won’t see many tourists and the city does not offer any significant attractions however it is well worth a visit to get a glimpse of urban life. Take a stroll around the cities’ main shopping Area.

Kerala is particularly famous for its backwater tours. You can book this conveniently at your hotel. The shortest tour will take approx.. 90 minutes during which you can admire the picturesque landscape and watch the many birds in the mangroves. Typically, at around 5 pm locals will take their daily bath in the backwaters. You’ll slowly drive to the elephant rock close by Kerala’s coast where fresh and salt water meet. Don’t expect any adventures.. A tour through Kerala’s backwaters is ideal if you need a little peace and quiet after spending some eventful days in India.

Where to stay: The Vivanta Taj hotel is located at Kovalam beach. The hotel is widespread and built into the lush nature. The infinity pool area with a view of the of the ocean is pretty.. Calling it a 5 star is a bit of a stretch though. Rooms are slightly outdated and staff is a bit forgetful.

The Leela palace at Kovalam Beach offers a fantastic view of Kerala’s coastline and an infinity pool. The terasse built hotel offers nice rooms with dark wooden elements and relatively low ceilings. Breakfast is usually included and offers a good mix of Indian and continental dishes.

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