Art Exhibit Édouard Vuillard

What better way to spend a post-brunch lazy Sunday afternoon than by exploring some of the interesting art exhibits that are currently on. The Kunstmuseum Winterthur features an exhibition of Édouard Vuillard who was part of Les Nabis, a group of post-impressionist painters. The Nabis art was influenced by art nouveau and symbolism and their subjects were often found in their personal circles.


Although the Nabis artist turned away from impressionism, their works clearly display a remarkable resemblance with impressionist art. Vuillard’s works are characterized by the painting technique of impressionists with similarly hazy lines. The colors used however are vivid and rich in contrast. Although his works seem blurry at first glance they illustrate Vuillard’s fine eye for detailed patterns.


Certainly worth a visit.

Kunstmuseum Winterthur

From 24.08 – 23.11

Museumstrasse 52, 8400 Winterthur
052 267 51 62

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