Restaurant Review Brasserie Seefeld

Italian Cuisine, nothing less and certainly nothing more.

Brasserie Seefeld is one of the Italian restaurants which we wanted to try out for a while but never got around to it. The name as such is intriguing – A brasserie which serves Italian food. Roughly a year ago the restaurant had given away our table after being 15 minutes late. We sulked for a little while but eventually overcame our resentment. This time we were 5 minutes early, just in case…


The restaurant is small and can host approximately 30 people. The interior is classic and brasserie-like with white tablecloth, green walls and wooden chairs (which seem not to be designed for long dinners as they get a bit uncomfortable after a while) . On a Friday night the restaurant is packed and the crowd is a mix of grown-ups and couples seeking a relaxed dinner after a long week.

The menu

Italian Cuisine at its best. You can find all the classics – Insalata Carprese, various variations of Carpaccios, Antipasti, veal Milanese etc. In addition, the restaurant serves an assortment of fish. The waiters walk around with a plate of fresh fish so that you can choose your favorite piece. Don’t expect innovation and playfulness – this is straightforward Italian cuisine, nothing less and nothing more.The Insalata Carprese was just how it should be, the carpaccio di manzo could have used some more spicing up. The Pasta Trio with Gnocchi, linguini and tortelloni was ok.


All in all, Brasserie Seefeld is good location for a quick plate of pasta on of these “can’t be bothered to cook ” kinds of evenings. The service unfortunately was a bit overwhelmed by the number of guests. Plan in some additional waiting time.


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