Sehnsucht Persien Rietberg’s current exhibition features contemporary Iranian art and historic Persian art in the Baroque period with roughly 200 works. The exhibition evokes Persia’s bygone golden era and puts it in contrast with contemporary art pieces of Teherani artists. The historic pieces feature Persian carpets, oil paintings and traditional Persian attires. The exhibition, Read More

Gstaad  – A winter paradise Nestled in a valley in the midst of the Bernease Alps lies Gstaad, one Switzerland’s swankiest ski resorts. It is for obvious reasons that this adorable village has established itself as a meeting point for the international jet set. The village consists of wooden houses which are characteristic for the, Read More

Restaurant Greulich Hotel restaurants are usually associated with uniformity and a lack of creativity. This would certainly not be a fair description of Restaurant Greulich. Its unusual name matches the color of the building in – you might have guessed – dark grey. After a bit of coming and going in Greulich’s kitchen the, Read More