Baltho – A casual dining haven in Zurich’s old town


Baltho has moved into what used to be known as Zic Zac, a bar and nightclub and relic of Zurich’s nightlife which closed last year. The restaurant has been fully refurbished and nothing resembles its rampant past.


Designed in a classic black and white theme,  the restaurant’s interior is modern yet classic with a sleek elegance. The clear lines and simplicity  allude to an art nouveau theme and with its round tables and sofa corners it somewhat resembles a modern brasserie.  The glass windows give guests an open view of Baltho’s gastronomique heart, its kitchen. Everything about Baltho’s interior is unpretentious yet classic  which perfectly mirrors its menu.


The  manageable menu at Batho does not comply with regional limitations. Along the lines of the motto: Anything works as long as it is tasty,  it offers an interesting selection of casual dining with an eclectic twist. Some dishes are inspired by Asian cuisine however we also spot Engadine Capuns on the menu. We start off with the Bang Bang Chicken, Baltho’s signature dish which turns out to be fried chicken served with a fresh spinach ginger salad. Another of our favorites is an aromatic, smoked sweet potato soup served with a breaded cod. Just as any good casual dining restaurant Baltho features a burger served with generously thick French fries. The parpadelle with a  sauce of tomatoes,  pork and corn leaves us happily saturated. Our meanl is accompanied by a rich Barbera D’alba available by the glass. Instead of a desert we try a deilicous absinthe based cocktail which Baltho is offering in honor of 100 years of Dada Art currently celebrated in Zurich.

Summary: Baltho isn’t trying to re-invent the proverbial culinary wheel. Nothing here is overly complicated; instead it offers delicious yet simple cuisine paired with unassuming and friendly service and we think that’s great.


Tip: Baltho also houses a dim lit bar and you can even learn how to make cocktail every last Sunday of the month. We say cheers to that!


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