A culinary weekend in Berlin

I recently visited Berlin for work and combined it with a lovely family weekend. Berlin, the epitome of dynamism is profoundly proud of its eventful history and a true trendsetter at the same time. Cheerfully greeted by the typical Berlin “twang” visitors quickly realize that this is a city, which does not hide its imperfections and is truly authentic. As a result, many love Berlin and some… well, some do less.

Much has been written about Berlin’s historic and iconic sites and I won’t bore you by repeating them. Just a word on sites, if you are a first time visitor make sure to plan in at least two days.

Let’s focus on the essential: Food!


Frequented by those who make movies and those who either are or want to be in them, it is near to impossible to visit this restaurant without running into at least one or two people who will seem vaguely familiar. The restaurant features a brasserie-type interior with soaring ceilings and art-nouveau interior. In terms of the food – well don’t hold your breath. Borchardt serves decent comfort food and its famous Wiener Schnitzel but it isn’t the food that people come here for but rather the admittedly  high odds of dining next to somebody famous. The service can be a bit snotty at times but hey – this is Berlin. http://www.borchardt-restaurant.de

Grill Royal

Yet another establishment, which caters to those who either want to see or be seen, Grill Royal caters solid comfort food. Make sure to book a few days in advance if you want to score a table here as tables are sought after throughout the year. http://www.borchardt-restaurant.de/

The Grand

This building used to be an orphanage. Today it is home to a trendy restaurant specialized on high quality meat dishes such as Kobe and a paradise for any true carnivore. The interior is shabby chic however decisively more on the chic side of things. Later in the evening the restaurant turns into a club and is therefore perfect for a Friday evening out. www.the-grand-berlin.com/

If you want to burn some calories amongst all that dining and wining  make sure to stop by KaDeWe which  is my absoulute shopping favourite in Berlin and offers a great selection of high end fashion, an endless selection of perfumes and a very well sorted Chanel boutique.

Where to stay:

Hotel de Rome This stylish hotel used to be a Bank and has retained its original features. It hosts a luxurious spa and gym. The spacious rooms are comfortable and the breakfast selection is generous and healthy but really, it was the delicious green smoothies which won us over. The entire staff is friendly and the concierge service is knowledgeable and very helpful. hotelderome.grandluxuryhotels.com/‎

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