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Ok,  before we start let’s just clarify – Are you a Vegetarian? If the answer is yes and you have no immediate plans to change this, don’t bother continuing to read. Au-Gust is no place for vegetarians however the menu might have a Vegetarian turn away from faith – but more about that later. For now just this much : With the opening of this restaurant Carnoviors might just have found their new regular hang out in Zurich.

Ambiance: Au-Gust which opened recently at Widder hotel looks and feel like a high-end butcher. The restaurant features a counter where chefs prepare sausages and other delicacies in front of the seated guests. The nut wood tables and black and white checked marble walls create a casual yet stylish ambiance. Tables cannot be reserved for groups smaller than 6 and it is recommended to get their early and go for an aperitif at Widder bar while you wait for your table. We waited approximately 20 which was just about right to indulge in a glass of Champagne and are welcomed cordially by an energetic chef de service.

The food: Let’s turn to the essential the meat…ehm sorry food. We start with a smoked salmon which is served with a delightfully spicy mustard. The Au-Gust salad which is made of lamb salad is ok but at 15 CHF we think it is a bit overpriced. Our Beef Gulasch which we order with Sauerkraut is creamy however lacks condiment. The meatloaf with an egg up the sunny side is excellent and the homemade spätzle which we order as a side dish are good too. At the end we make space for an apple strudel served with vanilla sauce which is mouth watering delicious. At 7 CHF it is very fairly priced.

Conclusion: Au-Gust is a great addition to Zurich’s gastro scene. We’d definetly come back for leisurly Saturday post shopping lunch.

Tip: Au-Gust also serves  breakfast.

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