Egon Schiele Art Exhibit at Kunsthaus

Kunsthaus currently features an art exhibit of the Austrian Painter Egon Schiele and Jenny Saville. It is one of the recent encounters which Kunsthaus has designed to create a dialogue between classic, established and contemporary artists.  The exhibition confronts 35 paintings by Schiele with 16 large-format works by Jenny Saville. Egon Schiele’s raw and dark paintings are somewhat disturbing and many tackle the topic of death and illness. He  worked closely with Gustav Klimt and some of his works clearly showcase Klimt’s  influence in its style and perspective yet Schiele’s topics are far more intense and unsettling. Jenny Salville’s photo-based works are disturbing in their own right yet fail to live up to Schiele’s works and therefore result in a somewhat disparate pair which make Schiele’s work stand out.


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