Cafe Bebek – a piece of orient at Kalkbreite



This new addition to Zurich’s culinary gastro scene at Kalkbreite offers Lebanese cuisine and is a sister to the long-established Maison Blunt.

Ambiance: The large room is divided by a bar. The ceilings are gigantic and 4 chandeliers light up the restaurant. The interior is a 50’s mix paired with a minimalistic chic and while it is impressive however does come across slightly cold and a little unintimate. On a Friday night the restaurant is packed and the crowd is dominated by bohemians and hipsters who frequent these types of restaurants.

We reserved a week in advance however upon our arrival 3 waiters ask us whether we reserved a table after we have been seated.

The food: We skip a starter and opt for a vegetarian Mezze plate and a sausage skewers. Both is very good however no better than at Cedre or Palme de Beirut.

The service is friendly however a bit slow and forgetful.

Conclusion: The concept is interesting and the food is good. Nevertheless, the interior is a bit cold and inpersonal.



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