Hirschberg Zurich, Restaurant Review

Hirschberg- Simply good, Italian food

This is a true institution in Zurich’s city center close however it is relatively unknown to many locals. The restaurant can host roughly 25 people.


Ambiance: Hirschberg is an über-cozy restaurant. The tiny dining room is lit with dozens of candles and has been decorated with a lot of attention to detail. Tonight the restaurant is seasonally decorated with pumpkins and other autumnal pieces. Ok, some of Hirschberg’s décor such as a cavalier on the wall is a bit hard to place bordering kitsch but it all just adds to this warm, comfortable atmosphere.

The food: The menu is concise – 4 starters and 4 main courses. For desert you can order a cheese plate . The prices are based on your choice of a main course and range from CHF 50-65 including a starter. Unlike other restaurants where choosing amongst a similar sized menu can be a real challenge, we are spoilt for choice – the polenta or figs with prosciutto sound equally tasty. At the end, it’s the buffalo mozzarella with Mediterranean vegetables in tomato sauce – the vegetables are aromatic and the mozzarella is very tender. For a main course we choose a risotto with dried tomatoes and smoked ricotta on grilled zucchinis. The dish is well prepared, the risotto is just right and the smoked ricotta adds an interesting flavor to this dish. Also, the saltimbocca with seasonal vegetables is tender and make for a well-rounded dish.

hirschberg3 hirschberg

Our food is accompanied by an Amarone  which pairs very well the aromatic flavors of this rich meal. At the end there is no space for desert however our coffee is served with cantuccini and vin santo – yummie. The service, helmed by  Catherine Pezzotta-Egli
is at all times very personal and attentive.

Conclusion: Hirschberg is a real winter restaurant – it is cozy and provides the right type of ambiance for an easy Friday night dinner – we will certainly return!

Restaurant Hirschberg
Catherine und Ivan Pezzotta-Egli
Seilergraben 9
8001 Zürich


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