Ojo de Agua, Zurich – Restaurant Review

Fancy a juicy piece of meat , a glass of Malbec and some Argentinian flair?

Ojo de Agua is a wine shop which turns into a restaurant at night and prides itself for offering one of the best Entrecotes in Zurich. The intimate restaurant’s 4 tables can host 12 guests. On a Saturday night it is fully booked and still people stroll in to see whether they can score a last minute table – no such luck. Due to the limited size of tables a reservation of at least two weeks in advance will be required for a table on a Friday or Saturday night.

Atmosphere: The tiny restaurant with its wooden tables and chairs emanates an Argentinian, rustic charm. While the slightly uncomfortable wooden chairs might not invite to stay till midnight the warm, welcoming and intimate atmosphere certainly will.

The food: If you are waiting for the menu be advised that it doesn’t exist at Ojo de Agua. The waiter explains what’s on offer today – Pata de Negra (they ran out of the second choice antipasti) for starters and a beef tartar and entrecôteas a main dish. We see the pata negra being served right out of the ready-made package which leaves us slightly disillusioned. For a main course we opt for the entrecôte which is very tender and the beef tartar which comes with (unbuttered) toast. Both dishes are also served with a huge green salad and as a “carbs past 7 pm avoider” I am delighted that the lack of choice relieves me from having to resist any carb temptations. For desert we are served a chocolate cake and a dulce de leche, both excellent.

Naturally, Ojo de Agua offers some great wines. We start with a Lindaflores and opt for a 2013 Puro Malbec afterwards.

The service: Friendly and extremely wine savvy the service adds to the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Conclusion: Great sservice, good food and a truly intimate ambiance. A good option for meat lovers.

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