Loft 5 Zürich – Restaurant Review

Located in Zurich’s Europaallee which has recently had a face lift and now hosts a number of new bars and shops Loft 5’ s trendy urban flair fits in well. It offers outdoor seating for the warmer days of the year, a bar and an indoor dining area.

Ambiance: Loft 5 opened a few months ago and has already become a very popular meet up place. The interior is a mix of trendy and modern elements and emanates an Art Miami type chic. (The ladies guest room even features a gigantic picture of a poodle – you get the idea)


loft 2

The colorful sofas and chairs with paisley and floral motives paired with chandeliers and a bar lit up in velvet light create a feel good ambiance. The crowd is a mix of bankers from nearby UBS gathering by the bar and couples and groups of friends who come to grab a bite after some shopping.

The food: Casual dining it says on the website and the menu offers a good choice of comfort food such as the James Joyce Burger, fish and chips and pasta. Prices are reasonable. We are not very hungry and opt for a poached egg with espresso cream and spinach to share. The interesting combination is nicely presented and tastes great. For a main course we order the buffalo curry sausage with French fries which is served on Cuban newspaper and the tutti frutti Salmon with vegetables; both delicious.The wine list is extensive and Loft 5 also hosts wine dispensers.

loft 5  loft 5 1

The service The service is friendly although at times a little forgetful.

The restaurant is owned by the Segmüller family who also manage the Carlton and James Joyce and you certainly recognize similarities. All three restaurants cater to the urban crowd and satisfy casual dining needs

Conclusion: Comfort food in a warm and trendy atmosphere – Casual dining at its best

Europaallee 15, 8004 Zürich
Telephone: 044 755 50 50


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