Dal Nostro Restaurant Review

dal nostro 1     dal nostro

Located in front of Vior, the Dal Nostro which opened at the beginning of this has a prime location in Zurich’s center.

The restaurant offers a conveyer belt at the bar, a few tables inside and outside the restaurant. We initially had planned for a table at the bar in front of the conveyer belt (the system is obviously popular with Japanese cuisine and I was curious to see how this plays out with Italian food). It happened to be one of the rare warmer days of this summer and we therefore opted for a table outside.

The ambiance: the outdoor seating is charming. The restaurant’s inside dining room is rather small but looks comfortable from the outside

The food: There are only a few restaurants which manage to be great at everything and there are some which manage to be great at one thing which then becomes their signature dish. Dal Nostro falls in the latter category.

The restaurant offers a limited choice of antipasti and main courses. We opt for the tomato focaccia (average) and spicy sausage which is ok. For a main course we order a salad with egg and tuna which is nothing special and ravioli with truffle which are fantastic, extremely aromatic with a truffle generously distributed on the pasta. This is already reason enough to return. On another positive note the food is reasonably priced – something not so common in Zurich’s high to overpriced gastro scene and I am therefore always beyond thankful when a restaurant emerges which does not apply the standard rip-off tactic.

Service: I was a bit worried after hearing that my colleague the real picky gourmet was chased away by a snobby waiter a few months ago however at out visit the service was very friendly and charming.

Conclusion: Good restaurant for a bite after some shopping. If you like truffle this is a must visit.

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