Fashion at the Art Basel


The Art Basel is the world’s most important art fair. Established in 1970 it can well be described as the granny of all art fairs. Yes, there is the Frieze Art Fair, the Biennale or Art Miami – Basel Art’s American offshoot however it is Art Basel which stands for tradition in the fast moving, volatile, contemporary art scene.

This year’s Art Basel offered some interesting installations by Jeff Koons. His stainless steel Dolphin sold for a mind blowing 5 Mio Dollars.


In addition to some of the large, established galleries like the Gagosian or the White Cube, smaller galleries were present as well.


Next to some stunning art Art Basel is also offers first class people watching opportunities.

It is fair to say that the art scene goes by its very own fashion rules.

Here is a list of the top 5 five fashion must haves for Art Fairs:

  • A Celine Bag – it is THE must have bag in the art scene and if you give it a close look you can appreciate why – the Celine bag’s well thought through shape and colour combination represent understatement in its cleanest form. It is therefore of no surprise that we came across roughly two dozen art aficionados and gallerists who were sporting a Celine.


  • An A shaped, knee length skirt– a trend which also works outside of the art scene
  • Issey Miyake – Why? Well, simply because it is Issey Miyake – do we need to say more?
  • Colorful Patterns –admittedly a bit of a no brainer but yes, fashion lovers love patterns in all shapes, colours and sizes
  • For the guys – a blue jacket, a white shirt and a beard and ready you are– fairly easy we’d say

No Go’s:

  • Hot pants – a questionable trend in general for anybody who has celebrated her 25th bday  in my opinion and we’d go as far as to say that the Art Basel can be considered a “hot pants free zone”
  • Branded Bags – a tiny logo will work well but leave your branded LV Speedy at home, this is not the place.
  • Too much make up – it is all about understated, clean elegance and too much make isn’t any of that. Lipgloss, some bronzer and mascara and off you go.

See you next year, Art Basel


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