Restaurant Review 20/20 Mövenpick

2020 The 20/20 Restaurant has replaced Bündnerstube in 2011. The restaurant is owned Mövenpick and this is probably why it has taken us a couple of years to get around trying it out. Why is that? It is a fact of life that chain restaurants are a turn off and aren’t known to encourage culinary highlights. It must be for this reason that we did not associate Mövenpick with nnovative, imaginative cuisine. Utterly fearless and as unbiased as possible we make a reservation.

The atmosphere: Downstairs Mövenpick hosts a wine bar and on the first floor you will find the inviting dining room which is kept in pine wood with white tablecloth and large windows. The room emanates a combination of cozyiness and traditional, “beiz-like” charme. The tables are immaculately set and we are instantly welcome by a friendly waitress.

The menu: The small menu features 2 gourmet menus and an a la carte menu. You can opt for 3 to 6 courses as well as a wine pairing. The cuisine is traditional with a twist and a few buzz words (anyone fancy some asparagus ice cream with earl grey tea?) and a paradise for carnivores. For starters we opt for a mixed salad with a ricotta basil tart which is beautifully presented. The size of the ricotta serving is a bit much but the salad is well-seasoned. As a main course we choose the fried fillet of gilthead with pea-mint, fennel and Annapurna curry and a Beef Tartar. The light combination makes the fish a nice summer dish. The tartar could have been a tad spicier. The toast is served without garlic butter which is a bit of let-down. As expected for a restaurant with a wine cellar, the wine list is extensive and offers the agony of choice – if you are overwhelmed ask for a recommendation as the service is wine savvy.

Conclusion: Overall, we are very positively surprised. The food is more innovative than expected and the service is impeccable, polite and friendly. Is there anything to critize: Well, it would have to be the typical overachiever syndrome which characterizes the Mövenpick – they might simply be trying a bit too hard. The service could be slightly more relaxed, the cuisine could take a few more risks and the ambiance could loosen up a bit – but then again; it wouldn’t be a Mövenpick restaurant if it were any different.

Did you know: You can buy the wines one the wine list in the restaurant’s own wine cellar.

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