Casa Aurelio – Restaurant Review


Located in bubbly Kreis 4 this restaurant is tucked away in a corner of a street. As one of very few restaurants in Zurich it offers valet parking


Low ceilings, bad light and old fashioned tackiness…this restaurant represents every interior designer’s nightmare. Nevertheless, the lack of stylishness might actually be what makes this restaurant such a popular meet up place for Zurich’s in crowd. In fact, it seems Casa Aurelio is where the regular Seerose crowd spends their winters. It is therefore of no surprise that many of the ladies tacky purses seem to be on a vibrant competition with the restaurants cawdry wallpapers. It is pretty loud and the restaurant is filled with a lively crowd. In the middle of it all you will find Aurelio, the restaurant’s owner who walks around busily and coordinates the cuisine and service.

The Menu

But now, let’s turn to the essentials – the food. The sopa de cebolla (onion soup) is good, the lamb salad is nothing special although the completely inflated price might suggest differently. The gambas, marinated in garlic and pepper is good and comes with some uninspired linguine. The steak with patatas is ok however the chef seems to have been a little stingy with the herb butter (difficult to understand given the excessive price). The choice of wine by the glass is limited. There are two red wines to choose one. We opt for a Rioja which is mediocre and therefore pairs perfectly with the quality of our food.

The service is chaotic and impersonal. Bring some extra time as the kitchen is slow too and you might have to wait 45 minutes for your main course unless you are friends with Aurelio. This, apparently reduces waiting time significantly as we learn by observing our neighbor table.


An uninspiring ambiance paired with mediocre food. To top it off everything is grossly overpriced. It is so bad that a free parking space won’t even make up for it.


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