Zurich’s 10 best restaurants


Cuisine: Swiss

Ambiance:  Rusticality coupled with delicate elegance, warm colors and cosy armchairs

Menu: Good selection of meat and fish dishes, best veal tenderloin in town, extensive wine list

Conclusion: A great combination of good food, a cosy atmosphere and solidly good service



Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Ambiance: Cosy and elegant, Asian décor and relaxed yet stylish ambiance

Menu: Comfort food with Asian influences

Conclusion: sophisticated and relaxed at the same time, delicious food in a great ambiance


Cuisine: International

Ambiance: Trendy and laid back in Zurich’s Kreis 5 frequented by students, hipsters and food lovers

Menu: Menu offers roughly 20 creative dishes, none of the dishes are specified as starters, main dishes or desert,

Conclusion: A paradise for curious foodies who like to try out a number of different dishes

Spice Rigiblick

Cuisine: Gourmet, 15 Gault Miliau points and 1 Michelin star

Ambiance: Minimalistic, clean dining room with a terrace

Menu: Imaginative, fresh and sophisticated with creative amuse bouches and entrees

Conclusion: Best upscale restaurant in Zurich with very attentive service


Cuisine: Asian

Ambiance; Angkor’s dark wooden, Asian décor creates an intimate, sexy atmosphere.

The dining room is candle lit and tastefully decorated.

Menu:  Angkor has by far one of the vastest selections of Asian dishes in Zurich. It features Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cuisine. The quality of the food is faultless

Conclusion: Best Asian restaurant in Zurich in a great setting


Cuisine: International

Ambiance: a refurbished foundry, the restaurant offers industrial chic in an unusual setting complete with a fireplace

Cuisine: Menu changes daily and offers a choice of 3 starters and main courses (meat, fish and a vegetarian dish)

Conclusion: Excellent food in an unusual setting, the perfect place for a romantic evening


Cuisine: Japanese

Ambiance: clean and simple with a purse basket for the ladies

Menu: Authentic food, excellent sushi and hotpots

Conclusion: Best Japanese restaurant in Zurich


Cuisine: A mix of everything

Ambiance: Times also features a furniture and accessory store  very trendy and bubbly with a  New York style ambiance

Menu limited choice of classics

Conclusion: Great place to spend the evening


Cuisine: Wok

Ambiance: Traditional ambiance with a fantastic view of Zurich

Menu: Great selection of Woks

Conclusion: Excellent restaurant with a beautiful view of Zurich

James Joyce

Cuisine: Pub

Ambiance: Green leather sofas with small, cozy tables – traditional pub atmosphere

Menu: the inevitable Fish and Chips, Burgers and arguably the best meatloaf in town

Conclusion: Great pub for an easy going lunch after some extensive shopping


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