The art of Giving

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Anticipation is the greatest joy, they say. Well, that’s certainly not true when it comes to my every years hunt for the perfect Christmas gift. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore the advent season, Christmas markets, the hustle and bustle and not to mention a glass of hot mulled wine however gift shopping for my loved ones often just feels like an extremely stressful treasure hunt. After all, Christmas is all about giving but whenever I start to think of what to buy my loved ones this year, I automatically picture them unwrapping my gifts, smiling overly politely and saying things like: “oh my, how interesting…thanks for thinking of me” To make matters worse, nobody in my family has ever articulated a clear wish for a Christmas present.

My this years’ resolution to buy all my Christmas gifts on some of my travels throughout the year, has somehow had a reality clash; sad but true – most of my business travel does not actually take me to fancy artisan markets which offer vast varieties of cool, trendy and unique gift ideas but rather the airports duty free shopping area…With a  busy schedule I have therefore decided to venture into the world of Gift Online Shopping as it definitely saves time and can also serve as a great inspiration if you are in need of gift ideas:

So here are a few tips of where you can find your perfect Christmas gift ideas online:

  • offers stylish and environmentally friendly gift ideas online and in their stores in many cities in Switzerland including their Zurich store at Marktgasse 16
  • offers great variety of ideas and allows you to choose personality traits to find the perfect gift for your loved one
  • offers a good selection of fashion brands for women (mainly clothing and accessories)
  • is men’s answer to Net-a-porter and offers a good variety of fashion brands for him
  • offers a variety of personalized Christmas gifts
  • offers unusual Christmas gifts for him and her

Enjoy the shopping & have a fantastic holiday season

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