Lindenhofkeller – Rustic Perfection

As the name might suggest Lindenhofkeller is located close by Lindenhof and secretly tucked away in one of the alleys of Zurich’s old town.

The atmosphere:

This restaurant manages what few have achieved; it perfectly pairs rusticality with delicate elegance. The Lindenhofkeller’s is unsurpassed in its snugness. The dining rooms’ warm colours, and cosy armchairs spread across two floors instantly create a feel-good atmosphere. The restaurant’s  charming terrace allows you to dine outside in the summer however it is fair to say that this particular restaurant seems to be made for the colder days of the year.

The menu:

The restaurant offers a good selection of starters. The lamb salad with bacon dressing is simple but great (recently it has disappeared from the menu but we hope it will return soon) and the goat cheese on beetroot carpaccio is an unusual combination.

Many people who come to Lindenhofkeller will try out the veal tenderloin ( Lindenhof’s speciality) That’s understandable as the meat is flawless and nicely presented with an individual choice of a side dish. The Angus tenderloin is another classic which never fails to meet expectations. Meat lovers are certainly well catered for however the restaurant also has seafood and fish on the menu. The restaurant might not be the ideal choice for vegetarians as it only features one vegetarian dish – Gnocchi covered with Truffle which are simply heavenly and not to be missed.

Rene Hofer, who has been in charge of Lindenhofkeller for many years, is a wine lover. The extensive wine list speaks for itself. The list also features a good selection by the glass such as L’Enfant Perdu, a blend  from the Roussillon region.

Lindenhofkeller’s cosy ambiance and delicious comfort food provide the perfect surrounding for a great evening out.


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